Digital Jobs  
Can the creation of new opportunities for young people be encouraged?

Startups, Makers and new digital professions can and should be a response for re-launching employment.
What are the new success models, how can young people be helped in getting closer to them and in what way can the creation of new opportunities for professionals and companies be encouraged?

Facilitators: Matteo Flora, Matzca Kalus, Roberto Bonzio
Attendees: Matteo Achilli, Alberto Alemanno, Roxane Auld, Claudio Bedino, Flavio Bezzeccheri, Andrea Castiglione, Fabio Corfone, Andrea De Sprit, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Gustavo Entrala, Noemi Fogarasi, Silvia Foglia, Dario Galbiati Alborghetti, Aoibheann Gleeson, Károly Oláh, Alessandro Petrucciani, Leon Ridderbroek, Dhruvi Rishi, Ugur Samut, Adele Savarese, Alexandre Shure, Mathieu Sneep, Veronika Štrbáková, Elena Vazquez, Carlo Carraro

E-skills and competences can significantly improve growth, competitiveness, innovation, employment and social cohesion in Europe. As new technologies develop rapidly, skills are more and more sophisticated and need to be constantly updated. Improving the availability of digital skills involves action at European and National levels in education, training, industrial and employment policies

Europe has to become the best place to start and scale-up a digital company. We have to ensure that we set the right policies, in line with Startup Europe Manifesto recommendations, for digital companies to thrive. We need to pool our resources in areas like access to finance (venture capital, business angels, crowdfunding portals), work together to improve access to talent, show thought leadership and create a fully integrated European ecosystem to drive our economies forward.

Supporting new ways of working. Digital technologies and social networks can expand and make the workplace virtual, enable and support new ways of working, facilitate communication, collaboration and creation of a network of professional relationships between colleagues and with people from outside the organization.

Promote new areas of shared work. Coworking is spreading among entrepreneurs and freelancers. Thanks to thecnologies and new way of sharing work space many women , expecially, disigner anf freelances, are starting working